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We are constantly developing the new products to meet the market demands. Panasonic scroll compressors are used in air conditioning, heat pump and commercial refrigeration including high, medium and low temperature applications.

C-SB Scroll Compressor C-SC?Scroll Compressor C-SB Low temp.?Scroll Compressor
C-SC Low temp.?Scroll Compressor C-SB?Inverter??Scroll Compressor DC Inverter?Scroll Compressor
Horizontal?Scroll Compressor C-SB Tandem?Scroll Compressor C-SC Tandem?Scroll Compressor

¡ñFeatures of Panasonic Scroll Compressors

1.High efficiency for saving energy consumption.

2.Low sound level £¬quiet operation.

3.Applied HFC refrigerant for protecting environment.

4.High reliability, long lifetime.

¡ñPanasonic Scroll Compressor Line-up


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