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We produce DC inverter, twin rotary compressors with CO2 and HFCs refrigerant. CO2 models are designed with two-stage, twin rotary technology, HFCs models are designed with single stage,twin rotary technology. The main applications are heat pump water heaters, beverage cassettes, vending machines, showcases, clothes dryers and many kinds of refrigerantion, heating application.

CO2 15F (Vertical) CO2 15F (Vertical) CO2 15F (Vertical)
CO2 15F (Horizontal) Cutaway View of 15F vertical CO2 20F (Vertical)
CO2 33F (Vertical) HFC 33F (Vertical) HFC 33F (Vertical)

í˝Applications of CO2 Rotaryl Compressors

í˝Features of Rotaryl Compressors

1.Natural Refrigerant CO2 and HFC Application

2.Innovative twin rotary structure, low vibration,low noise level

3.Middle or High Pressure Internal structure

4.Two-stage technology, high volumetric efficiency, wide application
5.Available for DC inverter design, Energy saving

6.Excellent reliability with compact design

í˝CO2 Rotary Compressor Line-up


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